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Tailored Light

Welcome to the homepage of Tailored Light. Tailored Light is a coordinated PhD-program of the Hanover Centre for Optical Technologies from the Leibniz Universität Hannover together with the Hochschule Hannover, the Laser Zentrum Hannover and the TU Braunschweig.

The PhD program Tailored Light is funded by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture.

Already 5 successful PhD thesises

We are happy to announce that already 5 of our students defended their PhD thesises:

  • Marcel Philipp Held
    "Hochauflösende LED-Scheinwerfer für Kraftfahrzeuge"
  • Georg Leuteritz
    "Selektives Laserstrahlschmelzen reflektiver Optiken"
  • Jonas Kanngießer
    "Wavefront shaping approaches for spectral domain optical coherence tomography"
  • Dierk Fricke
    "Entwicklung einer dermatoskopischen Kamera mit Müller-Matrix-Bildgebung"
  • Yang Li
    "Hochauflösende Laser-Fahrzeugscheinwerfer"

Final meeting

On March 2nd we celebrated the end of the PhD program Tailored Light in the Leibnizhaus in Hannover. Although not all scholarships have finished until now, we used this day to come together with the PhD students, supervisors, professors and representatives from science and business to hear six presentations of our scholarship holders.